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Are you looking to achieve your financial goals faster and turn your dreams into a reality? Look no further than our reseller program.

By becoming a Luxehouze Reseller, you'll not only save more but also gain access to exclusive benefits that can help you reach your goals.

Start your journey toward success today!


Why Luxehouze?

Curated Luxury Pieces

We ensure that our inventory is always in line with the latest trends and most sought-after items in the community while also offering our clients assistance in finding top-rated products on the market. 

100% Authenticity Guarantee

We are proud to offer our customers a guarantee of authenticity on all of the items sold on our platform. In the unlikely event that a customer purchases an inauthentic item, we offer a money-back guarantee. 

Price Match Guarantee

We always strive to offer them the best price possible. If a client happens to find a better deal on another website, we are more than happy to
match the price.

Why Should You Become A Luxehouze Reseller?

Profit without Capital

Simply upload images to your social media platforms and start earning today! Our user-friendly process makes it effortless to turn your
creativity into profit. 

Hassle Free

We take care of the packaging and shipping process for our resellers. We deliver the items directly to their customers, making the entire process hassle-free and stress-free.

Curated Content Support

Say goodbye to the hassle of finding images - we provide all the images for you! Simply upload the images we provide and you're good to go.
It's that easy!

Special Price for Our Reseller

Exclusive pricing will be made available to our valued resellers for our range of products. These special prices are reserved solely for resellers and will not be offered to the general public.

Luxehouze Reseller Qualifications

We welcome all luxury business store owners to join our network of resellers, regardless of the size of their social media following or whether they have an existing physical or online store.

If you have a business that is associated with luxury brands, we encourage you to apply to become a reseller, even if you do not have a customer base or storefront yet.

How to become a Luxehouze Reseller?

Anyone can become a Luxehouze Reseller with these simple 4 steps

1. Fill the Form

Fill in the Luxehouze Reseller application form
for us to review.

2. Follow Up

Our team will review your application and get back to you with the outcome within
three days.

3. Receive Content

Our team will provide you with a range of supporting materials, including high-quality photos, to assist you in showcasing our products to your customers.

4. Start Promoting

Congratulations, by promoting our content you are now an official Luxehouze Reseller! We look forward to working with you to bring luxury products to
your customers.

Start Earning Today!

Be a Luxehouze reseller and gain extra profit in the luxury goods industry with Luxehouze!



Our resellers will get special discounts of items that they will sell and they can determine the price of the item which suits their own business / customers best.

Luxehouze will take care of everything regarding delivery, we will deliver the item straight to your customer.

Our inventories consist of Luxury watches and Hermes bags. The detailed collection will be informed through WhatsApp personal chat since we curate the collection according to your audience.

You can contact our B2B Advisor at +62-878-1175-0939.