Look Classy yet Expensive? Here is The Secret!

When we talk about image and first impression, we know it will relate to how we look. Some people put fashion and style first to impress and express feelings. So if you are a businesswoman who wants to look chic, classy yet expensive, let's explore the fashion style that might suit you! Here are the six best fashion items that will make you look effortlessly elegant!

  • Little black dress
  • The very first fashion item that will make you look classy yet expensive is a little black dress. That kind of dress will never go out of style, it’s sleek, slimming, and elegant. A little black dress will fit you on any occasion, whether it’s formal or semi-formal. For a formal occasion, you can mix and match with pearls neckline or any kind of gold-tone accessories to enhance your appearance. However, for a casual and semi-formal look, minimalist accessories will be a better option.

  • White button-down shirt
  • Wearing a white button-down shirt is the easiest way to make your look classy yet expensive! Maybe you find it a very basic piece of shirt, but you cannot ignore its power. It matches well with any pants and skirt.

  • Tailored pants
  • Choosing the right pants cutting is essential to create a good silhouette. Since everyone has a different body shape, finding the right tailored pants that perfectly fit your body is a great way to effortlessly make your look classy yet expensive.

  • Structured bag
  • To look classy yet expensive, you have to choose a clean-cut structured bag that is classic and timeless. Whether it’s a large or small bag, there’s nothing more expensive than a structured bag. Neutral colors like black, white, tan, beige, and grey are the best picks to make your look more classy and expensive! 

  • Black pointed shoes
  • What kind of shoes might complete your classy yet elegant look?

    The answer is pointed black-toed shoes! This kind of shoes could easily be matched with different outfits to give the impression of being smart and timeless, which is the hallmark of expensive fashion styles.

  • Minimalist yet powerful accessories
  • Your classy yet expensive look will not be complete without accessories. A pair of accessories will make you look more outstanding than others. But it is really important to choose accessories that best fit your outfit carefully. When in doubt, vintage scarves and timeless watches could never go wrong to pop up your look.


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